Exploring a new country is even better with reliable internet. This guide is essential for getting the best out of the local Mobile Internet in Cyprus since it helps you select from different SIM cards or eSIMs to remain online throughout your stay on the island. Visualize that great sunset picture or browse the cute villages with ease – how cool it feels to get all of these done using the best mobile internet plan! 

Mobile Internet in Cyprus

I. Mobile Internet Coverage and Speed in Cyprus

Mobile internet has become an essential part of everyday life in Cyprus, but coverage and speeds vary greatly depending on location and provider.

1. Cyprus Mobile Internet Coverage

Cyprus Mobile Operators Coverage
Cyprus Mobile Operators Coverage. Source: nperf

Cyprus relies heavily on mobile networks to stay connected. Here is a look at the 4G and 3G coverage available from Cyprus mobile providers:

  • There are 3 main mobile network operators in Cyprus – Cyta-Vodafone, Epic (formerly MTN Cyprus), and PrimeTel. All three operators provide nationwide 4G/LTE coverage across Cyprus.
  • Coverage is generally very good in major cities like Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos. 4G speeds are typically around 30-50 Mbps depending on location and network congestion.
  • Rural and more remote areas may have patchy or limited 3G coverage from one or two operators. But coverage is gradually improving as operators invest in infrastructure.
  • Mountainous inland regions can see degraded signal depending on topography. However, major roads and towns are usually covered by at least one provider.
  • Indoor coverage depends on building construction materials but is generally good in urban areas. Signals may be weaker in basements or deep within large buildings.

So in summary, mobile internet coverage in Cyprus is extensive nationwide but remotely may vary slightly between providers. Speeds are good for 4G services in major population areas.

2. Cyprus Mobile Internet Speed

Cyprus Mobile Internet Speed
Cyprus Median Country Speed. Source: Speedtest

Based on this report on Speedtest (March 2024), here is an overview of mobile speed in Cyprus:

  • National Ranking: Cyprus has a median mobile download speed of 65.58 Mbps, ranking it 43rd globally for mobile speeds.
  • Compared to other small island nations and territories in the region, Cyprus has faster mobile speeds than Malta (ranked 39th globally at 76.86 Mbps), but slower speeds than Iceland (ranked 4th at 169.8 Mbps) and Macau SAR (ranked 8th at 142.15 Mbps).

Overall, Cyprus appears to have relatively strong mobile internet infrastructure and speeds compared to its immediate neighboring countries. However, more data on individual city speeds within Cyprus would help understand variability within the country. The median national speed of 65.58 Mbps places it near the middle of Ookla’s global mobile rankings.

II. Mobile Internet in Cyprus: Connection options for tourists

Below are the most popular mobile internet options in Cyprus for visitors, including free WiFi, pocket WiFi, eSIMs, SIM cards, and roaming, to help you decide which one best suits your needs and budget:

Option Pros Cons Price Range (USD)
Free WiFi Widely available in hotels, cafes, restaurants Unreliable speed, security risks on public networks, limited coverage in remote areas Free
Pocket WiFi Fast and reliable speeds, shareable with multiple devices Battery life limitations, requires carrying an extra device, additional rental fees $10 - $50 per day
eSIM Convenient, multiple data plans available, no need for physical SIM card Requires a compatible phone, limited availability from some providers, eSIM activation process can be complex $10 - $50 for data plans
SIM Card Widely available at airports and kiosks, flexible data plans, can be used in other unlocked devices Requires phone unlocking, purchasing a new SIM, may require passport for registration $10 - $30 for SIM card + data plan
Roaming Works with your existing phone number, convenient for short stays High roaming charges, limited data allowances, inconsistent network coverage Varies by carrier plan, typically expensive

Buying a local SIM card is generally the best mobile internet option in Cyprus for tourists for affordability and connectivity.

However, eSIM is also a good option for travelers as it provides portable connectivity without having to purchase a physical SIM card abroad. eSIM allows quick setup of a data plan on compatible devices from your home country and comes with large data allotments. It avoids any issues with finding and setting up a local SIM upon arrival.

So in summary, for affordability and reliable connectivity during longer visits, a local SIM card is best, but eSIM is also a great convenient option for shorter Cyprus trips.

Cyprus eSIM

Don’t forget to check your phone’s compatibility before getting excited about eSIMs in Cyprus! While eSIMs offer a convenient way to stay connected, they only work on devices with built-in eSIM functionality.

Consider cyprusesim.com for eSIM in Cyprus. This provider is known for its first-class customer service and numerous plans that are very flexible and affordable. This makes it a convenient and budget-friendly network for connecting with your loved ones back home.

Break the data chains
Cyprusesim.com, unshackle your internet, not your budget!

III. Budgeting for Mobile Data Costs in Cyprus

As mobile data usage continues to increase in Cyprus, tourists need to understand how to effectively budget for their data costs:

  • Light (browsing, social media): 1GB – 7.5GB: Activities like browsing the web and social media are estimated to use 1-7.5GB of data.
  • Moderate (photo uploads, navigation): 1.5GB – 15GB: Moderate activities such as uploading photos and using maps/navigation may require 1.5-15GB of data.
  • Heavy (streaming, frequent navigation): 3GB+ per day: Heavier data usage from video streaming and frequent navigation lookups will likely exceed 3GB of cellular data per day.

Please note that prices vary depending on the specific data package and daily data limits.

IV. Best mobile operators in Cyprus

This table compares the main mobile operators in Cyprus, helping you choose the best fit for your needs.

Operator Price Range (USD) Data Additional Features
Cytamobile-Vodafone ~$7-30 5GB - Unlimited -
Epic (MTN Cyprus) $7 - $50 2GB - Unlimited Local Calls & Message
PrimeTel $11 - $56 1GB - Unlimited -
Kibris Telekom (North Cyprus only) $17 - $68 3GB - Unlimited Limited Availability

For a well-rounded mobile experience in Cyprus, choose Cytamobile, the exclusive carrier on the island. Cytamobile-Vodafone offers a wide range of prepaid plans with competitive prices and generous data allowances. They can ensure that you stay connected wherever your travels take you.


Which is the fastest mobile Internet in Cyprus?

All networks have expanded their 4G coverage but CYTA and Primetel tend to have the widest 4G networks on the island. For peak speeds, Epic usually tops speed tests but real-world speeds can vary by location. Speeds also depend on network traffic – plans with higher data caps may be more consistent.

How much is mobile data in Cyprus?

Plans start from around €10-15 per month for 1-3GB of data. 5-10GB plans range from €15-25. Unlimited data plans are around €30-40 per month. Prepaid daily/weekly data passes are also available for €3-10.

How to get internet in Cyprus?

The main options are eSIM from cyprusesim.com, mobile data plan from Cyprus mobile carriers, Fixed broadband at your home/hotel, WiFi hotspots in public areas, or Internet cafes if you need access when traveling

VI. Conclusions

In conclusion, for the best mobile internet option in Cyprus, choose local SIM cards or eSIMs. They offer convenience, cost-effectiveness, and reliable coverage. Research providers, compare data allowances and costs, and enjoy a seamless internet experience.