In Cyprus, Primetel ranks as one of the top four mobile network operators. In this detailed primer, we explain the ins and out of using Primetel SIM cards and eSIM when travelling to Cyprus.


1. Quick facts about Primetel

In Cyprus, PrimeTel is a major player in telecom services. The company provides a variety of services for both residential and business clients.

Here are some key things to know about Primetel in Cyprus:

  • Founded: 2003
  • Headquarters: Limassol, Cyprus
  • Services: Voice, Data, and Image services
  • Network: Advanced and autonomous broadband access network
  • Coverage: Nationwide in Cyprus

PrimeTel is known for having innovative products and a commitment to customer service. Its accomplishments have earned the company numerous awards.


2. Cyprus Primetel Coverage and Speed

Let us examine the network coverage area and speeds provided by Primetel, which is one of the main network operators on Cyprus.

2.1. Primetel coverage in Cyprus

Cyprus Mobile Operators Coverage
Cyprus Mobile Operators Coverage

PrimeTel is well established on Cyprus. Its 4G and 5G networks serve almost every major city and town. In addition to their rural stronghold, they now provide 3G coverage everywhere.

Besides these big cities, PrimeTel also provides coverage in many towns and villages across Cyprus.

2.2. Primetel speed

In Cyprus, Speedtest calculates the median download speed for Primetel as 61.28 Mbps. The median download speed is 12.54 Mbps. The latency is 17ms.

These are amazing speeds, far exceeding Cyprus ‘average of 36.01 Mbps dunload and 12.49 Mbps upload.

Cyprus Internet service provider Primetel is a trustworthy company. There are also a range of Internet plans available, from regular to fiber-optic with speeds up to 100 Mbps. Mobile services go up to 4G LTE and Primetel has similar plans.

3. Primetel connectivity options for travelers to Cyprus

As a tourist visiting Cyprus, you have two main options to get Primetel service:

Connection Option Description Price (USD)
eSIM Get a local data plan without changing your SIM card. Starting at ~$10
Pocket WiFi Rent a portable WiFi router and connect multiple devices. Starting at ~$15 per day
Data Roaming Use your existing mobile data plan, but be aware of roaming charges. Varies by carrier
Public WiFi Connect to free WiFi at cafes, hotels, and airports. Free

Let’s look at both these Primetel connectivity options in more detail for tourists.

4. Best Primetel SIM cards for tourists & cost

Primetel has a number of excellent prepaid Primetel SIM card plans for tourists visiting Cyprus. Here are some of the Primetel prepaid data SIMs specialized for travelers:

Primetel SIM Price (USD) Data Local Calls Messages Validity Total Price (USD)
Travel Internet Pack ~$20 100GB - - 20 days ~$20

Primetel does not have any long-term prepaid plans valid for 30 days or more. But you can extend the above packs by doing a recharge before the validity expires.

Prepaid Primetel SIM cards are an affordable way to use mobile internet and stay connected during your Cyprus trip without paying roaming charges.

5. Does Primetel Cyprus support eSIM?

Yes, Primetel offers eSIM service in Cyprus also known as Primetel eSIM.

An eSIM or digital SIM allows you to activate Primetel service on your iPhone or Android phone without needing a physical plastic SIM card. Below is the plan for Cyprus eSIM:

Primetel eSIM Price (USD) Data Local Calls Messages Validity Total Price (USD)
eSIm 100GB with a local number ~$20 100GB ~$1 airtime for use ~$1 airtime for use 20 days ~$20

To use Primetel eSIM, your device must be unlocked and support eSIM functionality. Check the Cyprus eSIM Compatible Devices List. 

Primetel eSIM provides a convenient way to get connectivity without visiting a store.

6. Where can you buy a Primetel SIM card and eSIM?

Since Primetel has services all over Cyprus, it’s important to understand how to buy a Primetel phone number, whether it’s a regular Primetel SIM card or electronic eSIM.

6.1. Where to buy Primetel SIM for Cyprus

As a tourist, you have multiple options to purchase a Primetel SIM card:

  • Primetel Store – There are Primetel outlets in all airports and major towns where you can buy a prepaid SIM. Stores will activate the SIM for you.
  • Kiosks at Airports – Primetel SIM cards are available at dedicated telecom kiosks in both Larnaca and Paphos international airports after customs clearance.
  • Supermarkets – Most large supermarkets like Loumidis, and Papantoniou carry prepaid Primetel SIMs. Pick one and take to a Primetel store for activation.
  • Online – You can order a Primetel SIM for delivery in Cyprus through websites like Provide local address for delivery.
Primetel store
Primetel store

When you buy a Primetel SIM card, you’ll need to show your passport as ID. Activation is done on the spot when you purchase from Primetel stores or airport kiosks.

Overall, it’s easy to purchase a Primetel SIM card either on arrival at the airport or from retail stores across cities.

6.2. Where to buy Cyprus Primetel eSIM

To get Primetel eSIM in Cyprus, you have 2 options:

  • Primetel website: You can purchase a Primetel eSIM plan by visiting the dedicated Primtel website. Plans are instantly delivered via email. Primetel currently does not allow eSIM activation at its stores. You will need to order through their website.
  • Online retailers: Some international eSIM retailers like sell Primetel eSIM plans that can be activated remotely. Delivery is digital so no physical SIM card needed.

So in summary, buying directly from Primetel online or in stores is typically the easiest option. But also check third-party tech/mobile retailers as well as travel-focused eSIM service providers if you need a flexible short-term plan. Activating a Cyprus Primetel eSIM requires an Apple or Android device with eSIM capabilities.

Break the data chains, unshackle your internet, not your budget

7. How to activate Primetel Cyprus SIM/eSIM

Getting your Primetel service up and running is easy once you have the SIM or eSIM installed. This section will walk through the simple steps to activate your Primetel mobile number whether you selected a physical SIM card or electronic eSIM.

7.1. How to use Primetel Cyprus SIM card

Activating a standard Primetel SIM card is straightforward:

  1. Buy Primetel SIM and provide a passport as ID
  2. Primetel store assistant will activate the new SIM
  3. Insert SIM and turn on mobile data/calls
  4. Top-up/recharge SIM as required

If you get a tourist SIM at the airport, it will come pre-activated with included data & calls.

For Primetel SIM card bought from stores, activation takes only a few minutes at Primetel outlets. Once activated, you can start using mobile data and making calls immediately.

7.2. How to activate Primetel Cyprus eSIM

To activate a Primetel eSIM on your phone:

  1. Visit the Primetel eSIM website or app
  2. Select your preferred eSIM data pack
  3. Enter device IMEI and email
  4. Make payment using a credit/debit card
  5. Scan the QR code or tap the link received on the email
  6. Follow on-screen prompts to install eSIM on your device
  7. Turn on mobile data to start browsing

The entire eSIM activation process can be done digitally in under 5 minutes without visiting any store. Just scan the QR code or tap the email link to install the Primetel eSIM securely.

8. Cyprus Primetel Call & SMS rates

Here are the call and SMS rates for prepaid Primetel SIM cards:

Service Price (USD)
National Calls ~$0.11
Calls to other networks ~$0.14
International Calls ~$0.46 + $0.07/15 sec
SMS to National Networks ~$0.04
SMS abroad ~$0.07
Mobile Internet ~$0.11/per MB
MMS within Cyprus ~$0.3

For tourists, it’s cheapest to get a prepaid pack with included domestic minutes to call Cyprus numbers.

International calls start from €0.55 per minute. You can also use VoIP apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime for cheap international calling.

9. Useful USSD codes for Primetel Cyprus SIM/eSIM

Here are some useful USSD codes to manage your Primetel account:

  • *140# for the remaining balance of your mobile plan.
  • *133# for your current balance (non-invoiced amount).
  • *133*# to top-up your account.
  • My Primetel APP. The app shows the remaining minutes, SMS, and data of your mobile bundle

Dial these codes directly on your phone dial pad to check balances, top-ups, and more. Works on both Primetel SIM and Primetel eSIM.

10. How to top-up Primetel Cyprus SIM/eSIM

You have several ways to top-up or recharge your Primetel SIM card in Cyprus:

  • Primetel Stores – Visit any Primetel store with cash or card for instant top-up
  • Online Top-up – Use Primetel website or app to recharge with VISA/Mastercard
  • Vouchers – Purchase top-up vouchers from stores, kiosks and enter 14-digit code to recharge
  • USSD recharge – Dial *150*4# and follow the steps to recharge using a local Cyprus debit card

For eSIM, you can recharge only through online top-up on the Primetel website/app or by entering voucher codes manually.

This makes it easy to add more data, minutes, and validity to your Primetel SIM card or eSIM when required.

11. FAQs about Primetel in Cyprus

Does Primetel offer free SIM card?

No, Primetel does not provide free SIMs. The cheapest prepaid Primetel SIM costs $10 with $5 credit. eSIM also needs upfront payment.

Can I use Primetel SIM in Northern Cyprus?

Primetel has no mobile coverage in Northern Cyprus which is served by Turkcell. You will need a local Turkcell SIM in North Cyprus.

How to check the Primetel number?

To find your Primetel mobile number, dial *133*12321# on your phone. Or go into Settings > About to check your mobile number.

Does Primetel SIM work in Europe?

Primetel does not currently offer Europe roaming. You can use Primetel SIM only within Cyprus. For Europe, buy a local prepaid SIM.

How to contact Primetel support?

You can contact Primetel customer support by calling 133 or sending an “empty” SMS message to 8585 and a representative will contact you as soon as possible. Support is available in English.

12. Final words

Getting a Primetel SIM card or eSIM is highly recommended when traveling to Cyprus. Both provide inexpensive access to Primetel’s fast and extensive 4G coverage.

Prepaid Primetel SIMs give great value with bundled data, calls and texts. While Primetel eSIM makes activation completely digital without visiting stores.

Overall, Primetel connectivity ensures you stay conveniently connected across Cyprus without any roaming charges. Bring an unlocked phone, purchase a Primetel SIM or eSIM on arrival and enjoy tour hassle-free Cyprus trip!