For tourists traveling to Cyprus, Epic SIM cards and eSIM are excellent choices. Good coverage and high speeds make Epic ideal for tourists getting around the island. In addition, this guide offers basic information about using Epic in Cyprus-from coverage and connection to SIMs and eSIM purchases.


1. Quick Facts about Epic

Epic Cyprus (formerly MTN Cyprus) is a telecommunications company that provides mobile, Internet, and TV services in Cyprus. They are the largest mobile operator in Cyprus, with over 50% market share. Epic Cyprus is also the only operator in Cyprus to offer 5G mobile services.

Quick Facts about Epic Telecom:

  • Company name: Epic Cyprus
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Founded: 2003
  • Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Services: Mobile, internet, TV
  • Market share: Over 50%

Epic Cyprus is investing heavily in its 5G network and plans to roll out 5G services to all major cities in Cyprus by the end of 2023. They are also planning to launch a new range of smart home products and services.

epic logo

2. Cyprus Epic Coverage and Speed

Enjoying superb connectivity throughout Cyprus is easy with Cyta-Vodafone’s epic network coverage and speed.

2.1. Epic coverage in Cyprus

Cyprus Mobile Operators Coverage
Cyprus Mobile Operators Coverage

Epic has the widest 4G coverage in Cyprus, with its network covering over 99% of the population.

In short, 3G coverage is also extensive. Epic’s network covers more than 95 % of the population. In other words, you ought to be able to obtain a 3G signal almost anywhere in Cyprus.

As for specifics, Epic already has very good names in major cities and towns as well as in areas frequented by tourists. But it may be more restricted in remote areas and on mountainsides.

2.2. Epic speed

Epic ( MTN Cyprus) is number one in terms of average download speed and up to now the only company providing services at 4G speeds as high as 300 Mbps on Cyprus.

Based on Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, Epic’s average download speed is 56.56 Mbps and the average upload speed is 18.97 Mbps. This is much faster than the average speed of 25.29 Mbps for downloads and 8.37 Mbps for uploads across the entire mobile operator spectrum in Cyprus.

Epic’s 4G network has the highest reliability rate of all networks in Cyprus (99.71 %). This means that you are very likely to have a 4G signal when you are using your Epic mobile phone in Cyprus.

3. Epic connectivity options for travelers to Cyprus

Epic has several connectivity options for tourists visiting Cyprus:

Option Description
Prepaid SIM cards Convenient and affordable option for travelers
Pay-as-you-go data plans Perfect for short-term visitors
Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots 4G LTE connection that can be shared with up to 10 devices
eSIM A digital SIM card that can be activated and managed remotely
Epic Traveler Data Plans Special data plans for travelers to Cyprus

eSIMs are a convenient option for travelers because they can be activated and managed remotely. This means that you can purchase an eSIM before you travel and activate it as soon as you arrive in Cyprus.

4. Best Epic SIM cards for tourists & cost

Prepaid Epic SIM cards provide the best value for tourists in Cyprus. Tourists can buy a Pay As You Go pack with ~2 USD and then choose one of these top-up cards below: 

Top-Up Cards Included Airtime Free Minutes of Airtime* Free SMS Free MBs Validity Total Price (USD)
Top Up €5 €5 - - - 180 days ~$7
Top Up €10 €10 40 100 30 365 days ~$12
Top Up €20 €20 120 250 60 365 days ~$22
Top Up €35 €35 240 500 90 365 days ~$37
Top Up €50* €50 400 750 150 365 days ~$52
Data Top-up card $5 $5     5GB 10 days validity period ~$7
Data Top-up card $10 $10     12GB 30 days validity period ~$12
Data Top-up card $15 $15     25GB 30 days validity period ~$17

Speeds are uncapped up to 4G LTE. SIMs can be purchased at airports, hotels, and Epic stores.

5. Does Epic Cyprus support eSIM?

Yes, Epic offers eSIM service in Cyprus. eSIM is more convenient for longer vacations and business travel.

The downside is if tourists want to use Epic eSIM, you need to buy an EPIC SIM and then go to the EPIC store to change to eSIM.

6. Where can you buy an Epic SIM card and eSIM?

Whether purchasing a physical Epic SIM card or digital eSIM, here are your options for getting connected to Epic’s high-speed network in Cyprus:

6.1. Where to buy Epic SIM for Cyprus

You can purchase an Cyprus Epic SIM card at:

  • Airport – Duty-free stores in Larnaca and Paphos airports
  • City stores – Epic stores and kiosks located across all major cities
  • Online – Official Epic website, ships globally
  • Hotels – Many hotels and resorts sell SIMs

Remember to carry your passport when buying a Epic SIM card. Pricing is generally the same at all locations.

Epic store
Epic store

6.2. Where to buy Cyprus Epic eSIM

To get an Epic eSIM for Cyprus:

  • Epic website – Epic offers its own eSIMs directly on its website for citizens. You can purchase prepaid eSIM plans for Cyprus as well as data roaming add-ons.
  • – An international eSIM provider that sells Cyprus eSIM plans on They have tourist and short-term plans suitable for visiting Cyprus.
  • Epic stores in Cyprus – Epic stores in Cyprus sell Epic eSIM you can activate.

No physical Epic SIM card is needed for eSIM. Activation takes just a few minutes through the app or website.

If you want to buy eSIM right away, before your trip, you can consider Cyprus eSIM from

Ditch roaming charges and say hello to reliable data in Cyprus. Get a Cyprus eSIM plan for as low as $3 – setup is easy, just buy, scan and you’re online everywhere. Purchase now to explore Cyprus freely connected via fast LTE. Don’t forget your device – we’ll handle keeping you online wherever you roam!

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7. How to activate Epic Cyprus SIM/eSIM

Activating Epic service is quick and easy:

7.1. How to use Epic Cyprus SIM Card

Here are the basic steps to use a Cyprus Epic SIM card:

  1. Insert SIM card into the unlocked device
  2. Restart the phone and allow automatic configuration
  3. Enter SIM PIN from the scratch card when prompted
  4. Follow activation steps and configure APN settings

You’ll be connected right away. Data, calling, and SMS will work internationally.

7.2. How to activate Epic Cyprus eSIM

To activate an Epic eSIM:

  1. Select the Cyprus eSIM plan in the Epic app or website
  2. Enter the eSIM EID number and verification code
  3. Accept the terms and conditions
  4. Allow eSIM profile download and installation
  5. Follow the activation steps in the Epic app

Once finished, your Epic plan will be ready to use. Switch between a physical Epic SIM card and eSIM as needed.

8. Cyprus Epic Call & SMS rates

Epic offers low rates for calls and texts while traveling in Cyprus:

  • Local calls – $0.25 per minute
  • Domestic calls – $0.25 per minute
  • Incoming calls – $0.10 per minute
  • Outgoing texts – $0.10 per SMS
  • Incoming texts – Free

International calling and texts are charged from $0.25. Rates are reduced with bundled minutes/texts. Unlimited options also available.

9. Useful USSD codes for Epic Cyprus SIM/eSIM

Epic supports many USSD codes to check Epic SIM card balances and information:

  1. Call 2020 from your mobile and follow the instructions of the automated service menu.
  2. Dial *202# and place a call.
  3. From my EPIC app, where you can also see updated information on your balance in SMS and MB.
  4. Contact Epic’s Call Centre at 136 free of charge.

Enter codes directly on the phone dialer. Useful for checking usage quickly.

10. How to top-up Epic Cyprus SIM/eSIM

Adding more data or minutes is easy with Epic:

  • Online – Use MyEpic portal or mobile app
  • Vouchers – Purchase top-up card from local shop or kiosk
  • ATM – Select mobile top-up at compatible ATMs
  • SMS – Text recharge code to 131 for instant top-up

Top-ups available from $5-$100. Data bundles, minutes, and texts can be added 24/7.

11. FAQs about Epic in Cyprus

Is Epic prepaid or contract?

Epic offers prepaid SIMs for tourists. No contract required.

Does Epic have 5G in Cyprus?

Not yet, but 5G launching in Cyprus soon on Epic’s network. Currently 4G LTE available.

Can I use Epic SIM in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, Epic has good coverage in Northern Cyprus. Roaming charges apply.

How long is Epic SIM card valid?

Validity depends on SIM type. Ranges from 7-30 days for tourists packages.

12. Final words

In summary, Epic offers comprehensive mobile services for tourists visiting Cyprus. Their prepaid Epic SIM cards provide convenient short-term connectivity with flexible data bundles. With wide coverage, fast speeds, and low rates, Epic makes exploring Cyprus simple for any globetrotter. This guide covers everything travelers need to know to get started with Epic Wireless service in Cyprus.