Welcome to this detailed guide on buying a SIM card when you arrive at Cyprus airports! Getting connected with mobile data as soon as you land is key to a stress-free travel experience. This article will provide all the information you need to choose the right SIM card at Cyprus airports.

SIM Card at Cyprus Airport

1. Which airport in Cyprus offers SIM cards for tourists

There is a total of nine airports in Cyprus. There are two main international airports that offer SIM card at Cyprus airports for tourists:

1.1. Larnaca International Airport

Larnaca International Airport (LCA) is the larger of the two airports, located just outside Larnaca.

  • Offers a good selection of local SIM card providers, including Cyta, Epic, and Primetel
  • SIM card booths located right after you exit customs in the main arrivals hall
  • Both prepaid and contract SIM card options are available.
Larnaca International Airport
Larnaca International Airport

1.2. Paphos International Airport

Paphos International Airport (PFO) is located just southeast of Paphos.

  • Fewer SIM card provider options compared to Larnaca airport
  • Main options are Cyta and Epic
  • SIM card booths located in the arrivals area right after customs
  • Mostly prepaid SIM cards available
Paphos International Airport
Paphos International Airport

Overall, Larnaca International Airport offers the widest selection of SIM card providers and options for travelers arriving in Cyprus. But Paphos Airport still has a couple of solid options available right on arrival if you’re flying there instead.

2. Where to buy Cyprus SIM cards at airports

At both Larnaca and Paphos International Airports, the main place to purchase SIM card at Cyprus airports is right in the arrivals halls, just after exiting customs. Here you’ll find SIM Card booths set up for the major local network providers offering tourist SIM cards.

There are several places to buy SIM cards at Cyprus airports, including:

  • Airport kiosks: There are several kiosks selling SIM cards at both Larnaca and Paphos airports. These kiosks are typically located in the arrivals hall and are open for extended hours.
  • Convenience stores: Some airport convenience stores may also sell SIM cards. The Electronic store at Larnaca Airport sells SIM cards from major operators.
Electronics store at Larnaca International Airport
Electronics store at Larnaca International Airport

When purchasing a SIM card at Cyprus airports, you will need to provide your passport. Some vendors may also require evidence of a local address, which can be the hotel’s address.

3. What to prepare to buy a SIM card at Cyprus airports

To ensure the process of buying a SIM card at Cyprus airport goes smoothly, here are some tips on being prepared:

  • Bring proper documentation. You’ll need a valid passport or EU national ID card to purchase and register a SIM card in Cyprus. Make sure you have the proper identification handy.
  • Know your phone’s SIM card size. SIM cards come in different sizes – standard, micro, and nano. Most modern smartphones take nano SIMs but double-check your phone to get the right card size.
  • Have cash available. Most SIM card providers at Cyprus airports only accept cash payments in Euros. There may be some that can accept cards, but cash is safest.
  • Understand the provider options. Do some quick research beforehand on the major Cyprus providers like Cyta and MTN so you understand the different SIM card products available.
  • Check if your phone is unlocked. You’ll need an unlocked phone to use a local Cyprus SIM. Contact your home provider in advance to request an unlock if your phone is on contract.
  • Know your data needs. Decide how much data you’ll need during your trip to choose the right prepaid SIM card package. More data = higher cost.
  • Ask about activation. Some SIM cards require activation so ask the provider if there are any additional steps after purchase.

Going to the airport prepared will make getting a Cyprus SIM card much quicker and easier. Following these tips will set you up for connectivity success.

4. Cyprus eSIM – an Alternative to Airport SIM Card

While physical SIM cards from local providers are the traditional option, eSIMs are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for travelers arriving in Cyprus. 

To get connectivity, you sign up for a data plan online with an eSIM provider. They’ll remotely load your eSIM with a data allowance. This gives you instant access to data.

Top provider offering eSIM data packages for Cyprus are: cyprusesim.com.

For modern smartphones, eSIMs provide a seamless way to get data on arrival. But airport SIMs work for all phones. Choose what best fits your needs and device. 

Get affordable data for travel in Cyprus without roaming fees. Purchase a Cyprus eSIM plan starting from only $3. No need to swap physical SIM cards – just scan and go for instant connectivity on your mobile data. Buy now at cyprusesim.com:

Get Cyprus eSIM
Beat roaming fees and bypass airport SIM shops

5. FAQs about SIM Card at Cyprus Airports

What documents do I need to buy a Cyprus SIM card?

You’ll need to show a valid passport or EU national ID card. Residents of certain countries may require additional documentation.

Can I use a SIM card from another country in Cyprus?

Cyprus uses different cell phone frequencies, so most foreign SIM cards won’t get signal. Using a local Cyprus SIM is recommended.

How can I pay for a SIM card at the airport?

Most providers accept cash payments in Euros. Some may accept major credit/debit cards. There are ATMs available at the airports if needed.

Are there SIM card options outside the airport?

Yes, you can find provider shops and kiosks that sell SIM cards in cities and towns across Cyprus. However, the airport is most convenient.

How much data is usually included in tourist SIM cards?

Prepaid tourist SIMs typically include 15-25GB of data, valid for 30 days. This is ample for most visitors’ needs for their trip duration.

How long does it take to activate an airport SIM card?

If you have the proper documentation, activation at the airport booths is usually immediate as soon as payment has been made.

Can I use the airport SIM card across all of Cyprus?

Most major provider SIMs will provide coverage across the entire island, but double-check for any gaps in rural areas.

6. Conclusion

We hope the above guide has provided you with all the key information necessary to get a SIM card at Cyprus Airport and smoothly get connected right off of your plane. If you take prepaid SIMs, these are offered at several airports and there is also the eSIM alternative. You have a good deal to choose from. Of course, you need to do some planning beforehand and be familiar with the paperwork, then mobile data will have you on your Cyprus vacation without any hold-ups. Make your visit to the island an enjoyable one.